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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Daisy Dressy

There's so much clothes on this blogshop that i love so much! Here, have a peek!

"I'm currently in my dress craze. I saw this dress and thought wow... it's sexy ;) I can imagine ladies out there wearing it on their first date. Instant success. Get this sexy lycra Night Glam Dress for RM48."

"Compared to the Night Glam Dress, this dress is much more casual, playful and flirty. This Princess Daisy Dress is sure to turn all heads towards you for RM40. This dress will do whatever to help you flaunt your curves."

"Want to turn any casual T's or tops to something formal? Juz drape this vest over that top and you'll be ready for a formal affair. This can also be worn casually. Wear a tube underneath the vest and instant sexiness ;) Get it for only RM27!!"

"A high waisted skirt up for grabs. Skirts like these are the 'in' thing right now. Flaunting your waist line and hips. Wish they had it in other colours though. I'm not a big fan of pink LOL. But still high waisted skirt to enhance your elegance for RM40."


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