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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Signature Boutique

"OMG OMG!! This is the sexiest yet sweetest dress I've every seen! If I have the model's body I'd buy that right on the spot! It just shows off all your curves yet make you look sexy, right? Wow! I envy anyone who gets that! So get it fast for only RM27! What a steal!!!"

"Love the design on this top. The pink is just so sweet! If pre-loved is your way to go, get this MNG top for only RM29. It's still in great quality! I want it so much but if i wore that I'd look pregnant LOL.. I'll that top to make someone else look beautiful *tear* :("

"Ooh-la-la... Check out this Beyonce yellow top! Just screams attention. Guaranteed to make heads around you turn in your way. Get this pre-loved yellow sunshine from ZARA for only RM29! That price for a ZARA Collection? Steal right?"


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