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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Trading Post: RE-SELL

Name: Vera

Nature of Post: RE SELL

Reason of Re-sell: actually they stated it was for S-M, but i tried it on and it was WAY TOO BIG for me. I think its more for L size.

Description: Its a black tiered top. But its tiered in the front only. Its called a pleated top, but actually idk why its called that =/ lol. At the back the straps are criss-crossed. I bought it on Its a REALLY NICE top, but way too big for me :(

Original Price: RM25
Re-Sell Price: RM22

Delivery Method: COD only at Centrepoint

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LYDIA said...

HI Vera,

is the black top still avail?

Vera (: said...

yes, lydia. top is still available. please email me at for further details. thanks!