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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Trading Post: RE-SELL

Name: Jucia Chong

Nature of Post: RE-SELL

Reason of Re-sell: It's a bareback dress and reveals a scar on the back from an accident

Description: Brand new. Hasn't been worn before. Bought from Velvet Ribbon. Very good material, made of high quality satin. Fits perfectly (UK size 6-10). The two layers of tulle make the dress look extra lovely. On top of it, it actually makes the waist appear slimmer because of the cutting and structure of the dress!

Price: RM63
Re-Sell Price: RM60 (including postage)

Delivery Method: Postage only


*Picture credits to Velvet Ribbon*

1 comment:

farah siva said...

hi there.. if you really like the dress and would love to keep it, try wearing it with either a short formal/dinner jacket or a shawl to hide your scar. just a thought. :)